The Light In Richard Parker

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Blog Design

on December 17, 2011

          The reason why I chose the design of blue, orange, and green as Richard Parker’s blog design was to show the good in Richard Parker. All of the colours are bright but some people might disagree and would think Richard Parker should be represented by darkness. When people think of tigers they only think of the evil that can be done by them but they don’t see the true goodness in tigers. Throughout this novel Richard Parker was innocent as a human being. Tigers only attack out of fear or if they feel threatened. Pi had hope and despair throughout the novel as well as Richard Parker. The sun at the bottom of the page represents Richard Parker’s hope for survival. The sun is orange which is the colour of survival while the clear blue sky is a sense of happiness and serenity which Richard Parker hopes for while on the life boat. The grass at the bottom is the colour of green which is the symbol for life and nature. Grass is also the colour of balance, as when Richard Parker reached the jungle at the end of the novel he was finally set free with nature. The blue and white swirls at the top of the page are not full circles as they do not end. By the swirls not ending show that Richard Parker’s life will continue on after the novel just as Pi’s name and also his life. The title of the blog, “The Light in Richard Parker,” is to show that his blog entries only justify his inhumane actions and show that everything he did was out of love and for survival. 


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